Stop The Madness of Robocalls

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What are Robocalls?

Robocalls are like little gnats flying around your ears and eyes!

I am certain at this point even if I needed affordable healthcare, owed the IRS, or needed to lower my credit card debt, I wouldn’t use anyone who calls me at least 5 times a day. Three times from the same phone # and then twice from a slightly different number. These calls are forcing us to not answer our phones anymore.

If you haven’t received a robocall consider yourself lucky, but I’m fairly certain you received at least one! Robocalls are those computer generated phone calls that over 20 million Americans get each and every day. Some 26 billion calls in 2018 were robocalls — up by close to half on the previous year. And yet there’s little the government agency in charge — the Federal Communications Commission — can do to deter robocallers, even though it’s illegal.

So how are these Robocalls happening?

Is the internet our friend or foe? We get a vast amount of information from the internet which is great right? Sometimes! It does have it’s dark side. With all that available information it’s made it unbelievably cheap to place thousands of calls instantly, so you know someone had to exploit it.

Google Robocalls and you will see ads like “.07 per minute / send millions of robocalls / send your message instantly / fast and easy”.

In the mean time, our lawmakers debate what, if anything, to do about these scoundrels that have turned technology against us and invade our privacy. Most phone carriers have started offering free spam-fighting technology. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile offer apps that warn us if a call is a potential spammer. My T-Moble works great at letting me know by popping a message up on the screen that reads “scam likely”. It catches about 70% of the calls, so I don’t answer those. With the right app or service it can make it safer to say answer your phone again.

These apps take the numbers you block or report and add them to their algorithm.  This helps everyone.  So every time you block or report a number, other people benefit as well.

We have to work together to make this stop. It takes time, but in the end WE WILL WIN.

There are a few easy steps that will help stop the Robocalls.

  1. You Must Register On the DO NOT Call List – Do Not Call List Website

do_not_call_listIt’s not going to help stopping Robocallers and Spammers outside the US because they do not have to abide by the do not call protocol. It WILL help with companies within the United States and Canada. One of the main things registering on this site does is it sends a message to our lawmakers that we are sick of it, and it’s important they try to figure it out and help eliminate.


2. Use Your Service Provider’s Free App

Most phone carriers have started offering free spam-fighting technology. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile offer apps that warn us if a call is a potential spammer. My T-Mobile works great at letting me know by showing me a scam likely message on my screen. It catches about 70% of the calls, so I don’t answer those.

Phone service providers (carriers) have committed to new technology in the battle against these unethical scoundrels. There is a newly developed technology named Stir/Shaken that will identify the true origin of a call. This will help immensely in reducing the Spoofed Calls.

What is a Spoofed Call? That’s the worst of all. It is when the Robocallers or Spammers have the ability to mask their phone number by using someone else phone number. The call appears to be coming from a number you may know, or from your own area code, but it isn’t that number calling you. The person who owns that number is as much a victim as you. If you are in business for yourself and receiving client calls is important, these calls are the most frustrating because you are expecting to do business NOT buy affordable health insurance or learn I’m going to jail because I owe the IRS!

3. Sign up for a free service called YouMail

You won’t need the paid service, the free version will work. It will mess with the Robocaller by giving them an out of order beep beep beep. That beeping makes the system think it’s a bad number , and they take you off the list. Visit YouMail for more info.

It may take awhile, but doing something is better then doing nothing. Let’s take back our phone calls!!!

One thing is for sure. When you contact me in any way, shape or form, I treat your information as though it were my own. Not only do I protect my clients information, I provide them with the best real estate services available in our area. If you are looking to buy are sell in the Red Feather Lakes, CO or Livermore, CO area please don’t hesitate to reach out. It takes a mountain Realtor to help you buy mountain property or help you sell your mountain property.

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