Live Your Dreams

 In Northern Colorado Mountain Homes

Live Your Dreams
That’s always been my motto…Live Your Dreams!

I’ve always wanted my own business because quite frankly I am a self starter and get bored easy. The only thing I could think of doing is finding something to keep me challenged. In 2004 I got my real estate license and fell in love with a career. At the time, I wasn’t new to the business, since my mom, dad and one of my older brothers were Realtors. Mom likes to remind me that she was showing a house while in labor with me! Of course she wrote the contract and rushed to the hospital!

I started my career in Florida and since have moved to Colorado. I quickly learned selling mountain property was quite different than selling tract housing! The other thing I learned in my area is that it is mostly seasonal, so I was quickly getting bored in the winter months.

Why not do something else I truly love? Two years ago my husband and I bought a travel franchise. On my off months, I help my friends and family (myself included!) book the vacation of their dreams! I don’t charge for my services…one because I don’t need to because the vendors pay me and two…I love what I do. It keeps me busy and keeps me challenged! Where is Bora Bora…haha…so learning geography has been fun.

Joe and I love to cruise. We love to hike, camp, ski, travel…oh boy do you see where this is going? It’s a whole big world out there. We just bought a 2019 29 ft Jayco Redhawk Motorhome. When I’m not doing real estate in the Spring and Summer, we’ll jump in the camper with the dogs and take off to see as many places the road can take us until it’s time to come back. While on the road I can run my travel business from anywhere!

I have finally figured out how to keep myself challenged and busy. If you are thinking of booking a vacation, I’d love to earn your business. Remember, I don’t charge for my services the vendors pay me. Don’t spend all your time working. You need down time, and you need to get away. Life is short and tomorrow is never promised. Visit my website at www.WhereToGoVacations.com

Of course if you have someone looking for affordable mountain property in the Red Feather Lakes or Livermore area please refer them to me. I will take good care of them for you, and I do pay my fellow realtors that refer people to me a 25% referral fee on houses and 20% on vacant property.

Find a way to Live your Dreams!

Shirley Cicero

100 Eiger Rd

Livermore, CO 80536




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