Glacier View Meadows Market Activity September 2019

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Glacier View Meadows Market Activity                         September 2019

People ask if homes sell during the holiday season, and I always answer “it’s one of the best times to sell”! Families and friends come up here from all over to visit someone with a home already up here and they fall in love! (Who wouldn’t right?) They want to see homes right away and buy something for their next holiday to enjoy up here. If you are thinking of selling….Don’t Wait!

According to the Denver Post in Dec 2018 Colorado is the seventh-fastest growing state with 80,000 new residents moving in! There is an opportunity to sell your home to one of these new residents! There are so many reasons people want to move to Colorado and our mountain community is still one of the move affordable mountain communities in the state, so why wouldn’t they gravitate to our area?

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Residential Listings

891728$285,000A/B 4620781 Story/Ranch3/185 Mount Massive Dr
890476$319,000A/B 5826402 Story2/295 Grays Peak Ct
888744$339,000S 7137991 Story/Ranch5/3132 Singing Pines Ct
890194$350,000A 6315162 Story1/271 St. Elias Dr
888119$374,900A 812804Raised Ranch2/2239 Chimney Rock Dr
888112$382,000A 8216722 Story3/2252 Snowmass Dr
883187$415,000A12618412 Story2/21652 Eiger Rd
884236$464,000S10536262 Story3/4119 Bierstadt Ct
894818$486,000A1419422 Story3/351 Mount Apiatan Ct
892766$545,000A362567Raised Ranch3/261 Le Conte Dr
879490$619,000A15822801 Story/Ranch3/3480 Manhead Mountain Dr
886648$675,000A9824381 Story/Ranch3/2198 Lizardhead Dr
892299$695,000A4144642 Story4/369 Park Vie Peak Dr
886600$800,000A/B9839941 Story/Ranch3/3603 Mount Moriah Rd
883611$875,000A12159222 Story5/6120 Sunlight Cir
860276$1,100,000A406113951 Story/Ranch2/298 Eiger Rd

Residential Properties

Average Days On Market – 100

Average Price – $545,300

Vacant Land

867095$20,000S3066.85851 Meadow Mountain Dr
884776$26,700A1132.011596 Horse Mountain Dr
893735$29,500A 242.3141 Mt Audabon Way
883589$32,500A1211.02453 Horse Mountain Dr
861125$33,900A3942.4572 Diamond Peak Ct
894344$33,900A 181.551425 Horse Mountain Dr
881558$36,000A 692.78361 Twin Pillars Dr
891778$44,400A 451.461 Singing Pines Ct
889037$49,500A 732.831054 Montcalm Dr
892231$49,900A 42.98108 Snowy Range Ct
885938$54,950A/B1042.65637 Le Conte Dr
880147$64,500S1246.51187 Mount Fisher Ct
893344$62,500A 299.97219 Horse Mountain Dr
805344$65,900A/B10796.8394 Turkey Roost Dr
890018$70,000A 642.73544 Arikaree Peak Dr
890947$73,000S 114.12203 Mount Elbert Ct
883233$75,000A1262.5107 Mt Sopris Ct
880510$125,000A148.9641 Blacktail Way

Vacant Land

Average Days On Market – 166

Average Price – $61,883

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As you can see, inventory is very low right now! If you are thinking of selling…Don’t Wait!

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