Glacier View Meadows Market Activity March 2019

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Glacier View Meadows Market Activity                          March 2019

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Residential Listings

876210$280,000A16321 Story/Ranch2/1136 Mt Sniktau Ct
873653$290,000A9121 Story/Ranch2/13404 Green Mountain Dr
868008$295,000A/B11761 1/2 Story3/270 Mount Tileston Ct
868193$315,000A/B22221 Story/Ranch3/2552 Cucharas Mountain Dr
874919$339,500A19042 Story3/31278 Cucharas Mountain Dr
875605$348,000A15931 Story/Ranch2/2616 Horse Mountain Dr
873609$459,000A/B25342 Story3/3581 Cucharas Mountain Dr
874053$469,500A/B29883 Story3/438 Eagles Nest Ct
872444$499,900A28361 Story/Ranch3/31582 Green Mountain Dr
865843$559,000A/B45132 Story4/3564 LaPlata Dr
875035$649,900A22801 Story/Ranch3/3480 Manhead Mountain Dr
822029$875,000A39941 Story/Ranch3/3603 Mount Moriah Rd
860276$1,100,000A113951 Story/Ranch2/298 Eiger Rd

Residential Properties

Average Days On Market – 111

Average Price – $498,446

Vacant Land

849514$25,000S1.02100 Sheep Mountain Ct
843399$26,700A2.011596 Horse Mountain Dr
815314$29,900A2.712185 Eiger Rd
855254$30,000A2.3141 Mount Audabon Way
875796$32,000A2.711756 Eiger Rd
861125$34,900A2.4572 Diamond Peak Ct
830186$34,900A1.551425 Horse Mountain Dr
867095$35,000A6.85851 Meadow Mountain Dr
869500$39,900A1.17124 Maroon Bells Cir
872642$45,000A/B2.5558 Montcalm Dr
872643$65,000A4.42242 Horn Peak Dr
805344$65,900A6.8394 Turkey Roost Dr
874815$69,000A/B3.87137 James Peak Ct
864053$98,500A2.1457 Mount McConnell Dr

Vacant Land

Average Days On Market – 278

Average Price – $45,121

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