Crystal Lakes

A Restful Mountain Community

About Crystal Lakes

Crystal Lakes is a private mountain subdivision located in Larimer County, Colorado near Red Feather Lakes Village approximately 50 miles northwest of Fort Collins.  Crystal Lakes has over more than 4,800 acres surrounded by the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests at elevations ranging from 8,000 to 9,500 feet.  The alpine setting of Crystal Lakes blends scenic river valleys with beautiful meadows of wildflowers and native grasses, spectacular rock formations and rugged mountainsides of pine, fir, and aspen to create a perfect environment for both vacation and full-time living.


Year around accessibility is provided over well-maintained, all-weather roads.  There are more than 800 dwellings ranging from modest cabins to spacious mountain homes have been built to date.  Many other property owners enjoy camping on their property under covenants which permit temporary shelters (trailers and RVs) for up to 6 months per year. Privacy and seclusion have been preserved by lot sizes generally ranging from 1/2 to 10 acres.  Approximately 10% of the land area within Crystal Lakes has been set aside as open space for the common enjoyment of property owners, guests and the abundant wildlife inhabiting the area.

There is a variety of fishing available for all experiences at Crystal Lake, Lower Lone Pine Lake, Little Lone Pine Lake, the North Fork Cache la Poudre River, Panhandle Creek, Lone Pine Creek, Beartrap Creek and several small ponds. Quality fishing is maintained through extensive stocking and stream management programs administered by volunteers and funded by the Crystal Lakes Road and Recreation Association. Crystal Lakes property owners can also enjoy hiking, horseback riding, canoeing and boating on Crystal Lake (gasoline motors are prohibited), cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating and sledding.  There are more than 80 miles of private roads which provides an ideal setting for mountain biking enthusiasts.  Those in search of adventure will appreciate the many miles of trails and wide range of hunting opportunities available in the surrounding national forest.


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