Crystal Lakes Market Activity May 2019

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Crystal Lakes Market Activity                          May 2019

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Residential Listings

870029$155,000A5601 Story/Ranch0/117 Timicua Ct
880094$169,500A/B10401 Story/Ranch3/265 Sutiki Dr
875733$174,900A6001 Story/Ranch1/1654 Jicarilla Trl
868794$184,900A8962 Story3/1277 Mattapony Way
883191$189,000A10721 Story/Ranch3/262 Spokane Ct
873551$191,000S10721 Story/Ranch2/130 Muskogee Trl
881113$194,900A/B7201 Story/Ranch2/128 Naomi Ct
881793$195,000A7101 Story/Ranch2/1280 Tami Rd
860734$196,000A14542 Story2/11066 Shoshoni Dr
879602$199,900A/B9201 Story/Ranch2/1143 Sutiki Dr
880837$224,900A8402 Story1/188 Kansa Ct
883063$225,000A6401 Story/Ranch1/1150 Biloxi Ct
857200$234,000S18761 Story/Ranch3/217 Concho Ct
859736$253,000S11241 1/2 Story3/27844 Ottawa
879204$259,900A11581 Story/Ranch3/2311 Nicola Way
874454$280,000S18621 Story/Ranch3/252 Neosha Trl
876003$289,000A14661 Story/Ranch2/21091 Mosquito Dr
864667$317,000A15401 Story/Ranch3/2408 Navajo Rd
881950$319,000A2026Raised Ranch3/2762 Okmulgee Cir
866770$339,900A23961 Story/Ranch3/3141 Tami Rd
881063$344,900A/B15432 Story2/31627 Osage Trl
880858$369,900A15601 1/2 Story2/3296 Caddo Rd
881120$379,000A16041 Story/Ranch4/235 Winnebago Ct
859082$389,900S2836Raised Ranch4/31847 Shoshoni
880329$389,900A2677Raised Ranch3/379 Tami Rd
882353$475,000A24502 Story4/470 Cocopa Way
879552$679,000A21522 Story3/347 Choctaw Dr

Residential Properties

Average Days On Market – 86

Average Price – $290,148

Vacant Land

882501$24,900A1.3266 Dogrib Ct
871779$34,200A/B1.6576 Huron Dr
873819$34,900A1.4834 Dogrib Ct
873086$35,000A1.66483 Navajo Rd
881800$35,900A1.592800 Ottawa Way
874389$44,900A1.241294 Osage Trl
869769$46,000S1.6194 Cheyenne Ct
861114$47,500A1.2574 Tutelo Dr
882061$49,500A1.59594 Micmac Dr
880406$52,000A.5464 Naomi Ct
881787$59,900A1.4988 Catamount Ct
876196$60,501S1.26292 Ute Ct
875165$62,000A1.5332 Nantoke Ct
870903$64,900A1.76427 Ottawa Way
876322$65,000A/B2.92171 Shoshoni Dr
881824$69,000A2.21322 Tesuque Trl
881035$69,900A/B2.562185 Shoshoni Dr
878822$70,000A1.17131 Serrano Ct
877536$72,500A1.4510 Carrier Way
876090$79,000A1.5835 Concho Ct
874388$84,900S2.191190 Osage Trl

Vacant Land

Average Days On Market – 61

Average Price – $55,047

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